Transcendent Crabapple

  • 4-5' at purchase

  • Large. Yellow with red cheek.

  • Heavy bearer.

  • Long time favorite for fresh eating and cooking.

  • Fine for jelly.

  • A beautiful variety of Siberian Crabapple displaying showy white spring blooms. Gorgeous blooms. Good pollinator for other apples.

  • Self-fertile.

  • Ripens mid-summer.

  • 300-400 chill hours.

  • Zones 3-10.

A great addition to any yard, crabapples bear very heavy crops of sweet-tart apples that can be made into great cider and delicious jelly and baked goods. They are covered in profuse, snow white blossoms in Spring and then bright red fruit in early Fall. Very hardy and a great choice for home gardeners.

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