Texas Star Mayhaw

  • Variety: Texas Star

  • 4-5’ at purchase

  • Zones 6-9.

Prized for its particularly large clusters of bright red large fruit. Also features attractive orange-red fall color. Fruit ripens in May, hence the name may-haw.

These mayhaws have a deep red color when ripe and are cold hardy to zone 3. The fruit is a celebrated delicacy of Southern cuisine, and mayhaw jelly has long been a tradition in Southern food culture.

Mayhaws have been an important food crop in the South for a long time. Families would go on outings to collect mayhaws and create stockpiles of the jelly to last throughout the year, but the tradition has declined with the increasing urbanization of the South and the destruction of the mayhaw's native habitat. The fruit has also been cultivated to grow outside of wetlands, and this is increasing the source of the jelly.

Read more about the importance of Mayhaws in Southern food at Slow Food USA.

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