Mid Season Ripening Blueberry

  • Varieties available: Britewell

  • Ripens mid-season

  • Blueberries produce better when they are cross-pollinated. Meaning, you should buy at least two blueberry plants.

  • We’ll select the variety for you (there is generally not a huge difference between varieties) , although if you have a specific request, please put it in the comments section when checking out.

Highly productive, young bearer of fruit. Good for baking, salads and desserts. USDA zones 6-9. Cross-pollinate with another blueberry for better production.

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Additional Info

Cross pollinate with another variety of blueberry for better production.  Plant 6 ft apart. Blueberry bushes can grow up to 8 ft tall if unpruned. Blueberries will bear fruit in 3rd year and be fully productive by their 6th year.