Kieffer Pear

  • 4-5’ at purchase

  • Self-fertile

  • Ripens from October to November

Produces hardy, bright-yellow pears that have a long life span. Bears more fruit with cross pollination. Crisp, juicy flesh with a mildly sweet flavor. 250-500 chill hours.

USDA zones 4-9.

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Additional Info

Pear trees require cross pollination but because of the prevalence of ornamental pears in Atlanta, it is not necessary to buy pollinator trees. If you are purchasing to plant outside of Atlanta, it would be best to purchase another as a pollinator. Plant trees 15-20 ft apart, will grow to be an avg of 25 ft tall. Trees require 6+ hours of direct sunlight but prefer full sun. Pear trees usually begin bearing fruit in their 3rd year and will be fully productive by their 6-10th year.