*Golden Sentinel* Columnar Apple

  • 2’-3’ at purchase

  • Special columnar apple variety. They grow upwards instead of out, and are great trees suited for container growing (they’re often known as urban apple trees!)

  • Enjoy striking pillars of snow-white flowers in spring followed by good crops of large, golden-yellow fruit.

  • Sweet, delicious and firm.

  • Great for fresh eating, cider or baking.

  • Pollinate with Scarlet Sentinel.

A truly unique way to grow apples. Can be grown in your yard or on your patio or deck. Easy to keep 8’ tall or less.

They form a care-free compact columnar tree loaded with snow white blossoms and then large attractive fruit. Bear delicious fruit along the trunk. Often bears the year after planting. Zones 4-9.

*Note: Perfect for containers. Be sure to buy Scarlet Sentinel as well to pollinate for heavier crops!

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