Crimson Star Goji Berry

  • Self-fertile

  • Ripens late summer through fall

  • Begins bearing the year after planting

  • Also known as Chinese Berry

Grows 8-10’ in full sun to partial shade. Star- shaped blooms in shades of white, lilac and purple will appear in early summer. Fruit ripens in July and fruits until heavy frost. Disease, pest and drought resistant. Easy to grow.

Light purple, bell-shaped flowers bloom in May. Flowers are followed by bright red berries. Produces good crops of tasty, large, bright red fruit. Grows to 6-8 feet tall.

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Additional Info

Self-fruitful.  Plant berries 4 ft apart and will grow to be an avg of 6 ft tall.   Berries require full sun.  Goji berries will fruit after 2 years and be in full production in their 5th year.