Elderberry (Pair)


Varieties: John & Adams

  • Bundled and sold as a pair: 1 John, 1 Adams
  • Ripens late August
  • Extremely hardy
  • Grows in sun or partial SHADE!

Popular intensely flavored fruit with rich aroma. Blooms white flowers in late spring, which produces dark berries that are ready for harvesting when their color is dark purple (or even black). Make great jams, jellies and
wines. Grow in the sun, shade or wet conditions that would kill even less hardy plants.

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Additional Info

Native. Elderberries grow as a bush 8-10 ft wide and tall. Plant 6-8 feet apart. Elderberry can tolerate partial shade to full sun and wet, low-lying areas.  Will begin producing after 2-3 years and be fully productive by their 5th year.