Robby Astrove

ALFI Steering Committee

Robby Astrove is an environmental educator and arborist specializing in edible landscaping, native plants, and all things fruit trees. He coordinates ALFI’s Orchard Project and has planted over 60 community orchards since 2009.  Robby regularly supports Atlanta’s food movement, Georgia’s environmental education community, local governments, organizations, and the citizens of Atlanta.


Fred Conrad

Atlanta Community Food Bank

Since 1997, Fred has served as the Community Garden Coordinator with the Atlanta Community Food Bank.  Through this work, he has worked to grow and sustain 150 neighborhood community food gardens across metro Atlanta. In addition, Fred manages the Plant a Row for the Hungry Campaign and participates in the WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program. He has received the Governors Trophy for The Garden of Greatest Distinction; the Caroline Paullin Minnich Trophy which goes to the garden that provided the best atmosphere of learning; The Pike Family Nursery Play In The Dirt trophy; The Southeastern Flower Show Trophy of Merit; and the ribbon for Best in Show. Fred also served in the US Navy during the first Gulf War and received a letter of Commendation for Environmental Volunteerism.


Aubrey Daniels

Concrete Jungle

Aubrey Daniels' first foray into fruit was in 2004 when he started foraging apple trees to make cider. He was astounded by the amount of apple and other fruit trees he found and so Concrete Jungle was born.  Aubrey plants, picks and hugs fruit trees daily.


Craig Durkin

Concrete Jungle

Craig is the co-founder of Concrete Jungle. He first fell in love with the fruit trees of Atlanta when we went door-to-door asking tree owners if he could take their apples to make cider. He is still looking forward to the day when fruit trees will send him a text message when they need to be picked.


Mike Fillon

Mike Fillon has written 12 books, and thousands of magazine articles - mostly on science and health topics - for Popular Mechanics, WebMD and many other publications. His longtime love of fruit trees led him to become a DeKalb County Master Gardener sanctioned by the University of Georgia Extension Service. 

Mike is eager to share what he has learned about growing fruit trees and bushes in Georgia. He will separate fact from fiction about what to plant, what to avoid, and how to maintain your fruit trees and bushes organically and watch them flourish. For more than three years, Fillon was lead Master Gardener of the 50- tree Dunwoody Community Garden and Orchard, and the Baby Fruit Tree Project. He is also co-founder of the Friends of Tucker Parks’ Orchard Guild which has planted more than 300 fruit trees and bushes in the Tucker area.


Katherine Kennedy

Concrete Jungle

Katherine Kennedy serves as the Executive Director of Concrete Jungle, an Atlanta-based nonprofit alleviating hunger and related health issues by growing and gleaning produce.  Prior to her work with Concrete Jungle, Katherine was the Gardens Manager for the Lionheart School.  There, she created horticultural and occupational therapy programs for their students with autism and similar challenges. Katherine started her career in food as a farmer on a rooftop in New York City before returning to her home state of Georgia to start her own farm. Katherine is passionate about small scale farming, food access, special needs, and giving people the information to grow and pick their own.